TB20 instruments

Some hours instructing in the hot seat

Some readers have asked how much I’ve been using my CRI (Class Rating Instructor) rating which I gained in January. I’ve not written much about it, partly not wanting to cause any issues with students. To date, I’ve flown about 20 hours in the right hand seat – a mixture of renewal training, cross channel mentoring, TB20 differences training and some radio navigation with the GTN650. I will have time available during the

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Redbird Panel

Redbird Simulator Training at Gloucester

Around 2017, the simulator below was sold to Bristol and Wessex Aeroplane Club, where it is housed in a separate building and available for rent – either with or without an instructor. It is no longer approved by the CAA for flight training, and hours logged do not count towards any approved training course.  This article was based on my experience using it as part of an approved Instrument Rating.

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