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I run a series of popular Cross Channel Groundschool Courses which thoroughly cover all aspects for a private pilot flying cross channel to France and beyond. These are held online and also at different locations around the UK. If you would like to express interest and be notified of future dates/topics, please sign up for our mailing list below.

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Late downwind, Le Touquet


Everything you need to know about flying to France for lunch (VFR) and beyond

Regardless of the outcome of Brexit negotiations, even with a No-Deal scenario private pilots will continue to be able to fly their own or rental aircraft to/from and throughout Europe. We include the latest implications within the course.

Aimed at PPLs (from newly minted to veterans, although student pilots also welcome), this seminar includes all the latest on the constantly changing paperwork, regulations (SERA, Licences), flight plans, survival equipment, French ATC, R/T and local flight rules (e.g. no overhead joins). A packed and varied session including slides, videos and exercises. Plenty of opportunity for questions and discussion. By the end you will be able to plan and execute a flight to Le Touquet or Jersey for lunch, and be aware of how to tour further afield.

You can see for yourself the equipment required, including lifejackets, liferaft, charts, guides, tablet Apps and other safety equipment.

Alderney, final 26
Alderney, approaching on final for 26

The fee includes costs of room hire, materials, tea/coffee and a buffet lunch. Ticket price equates to less than half an hour of solo rental. Places are limited so please book ahead to avoid disappointment.

You can expect to meet other like-minded private pilots with goals of flying abroad, and be able to ask questions and share your views on all aspects of such trips.

The online class runs from 9:30am through 12:30pm and are split across two mornings.

Have your tablets or laptops handy with your favourite flight planning App (e.g. SkyDemon), ideally having pre-downloaded the charts and plates/AIP for France beforehand. I will send out some briefing “homework” to study about a week before the course date, including how to do that.

It should be fun! Discounted price for early bookings.

What previous attendees said

  • Useful starter for adventures – HT
  • Removed the fear of going out of the UK – KP
  • Very practical stuff from a pilot who has obviously done this – AL
  • Worth the trip from Cambridge – AE
  • Very good pace. Good group size. – GW
  • Great workshop – AG
  • Really enjoyed the day – AP


Overhead LAX airport

Fancy a flying holiday or conducting some hour building/training in the USA? Enjoy better weather, huge variety and number of airports, all with fantastic facilities, low prices and rarely any landing fees. Remarkably accessible and immensely rewarding/enjoyable, this is open to anyone with a UK PPL.

I’ve flown in several areas of the USA, West Coast, New England/North East, Florida and Texas and want to share my experience with tips and recommendations.

Downtown Manhattan
Downtown Manhattan

This seminar walks you through:

  • Paperwork required to obtain a “piggyback” or standalone FAA pilot certificate, clarifies when visas and TSA approval is required (none for hour building or vacations).
  • Key differences in air law: what you can and can’t do, UK quirks you won’t find in the USA
  • Practical flying tips: planning and conducting your flights
  • ATC and R/T procedures: “You are cleared to land number 4”
  • Insurance: Travel, flying and renter
  • Experience from different areas: Flying over the Rockies, Density Altitude, Coastal airports (and fog), Island hopping, Flying the Hudson New York Skyline. Includes sample video with R/T
  • Flying abroad: Bahamas, Canada and beyond…
Palm Springs, nestled in the valley


R/T can appear to be a breeze for some pilots but daunting for others. Are you quite sure what you should be saying, when to say it and what some of the standard expressions mean? Are you confident to request a zone transit or arrive at a large airport with full ATC.

  • Radar Controlled Service?
  • Resume Own Navigation?
  • Basic Service?
  • Land After?

This half-day seminar walks you through the different levels of ATC services available in the UK and how to get the best use out of them. We’ll use a mix of presentations, audio/video and practical exercises with the aim of making you confident, comfortable and concise in your R/T communications.