Looking north towards Liverpool

Mixing it with the big guys at Liverpool

Another day and another familiarisation flight on the TB20 from Gloucester, this time with my very first PPL instructor (Keith) as passenger. While our TB20 group insurance does cover instructors, it’s only valid for those with >1,500 hours, which Keith doesn’t yet have. So I would be P1 but welcomed any assistance and suggestions. A strange (almost) role reversal compared to my first trial lesson in an old Cessna 152,

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Short shift to Sleap

For quite some time, I’d promised a flight to a boating friend of mine. Our intent had been to fly to Guernsey, where Vernon had also been with his boat, but the weather wasn’t suitable. So instead we made a short flight to Sleap, after first flying down to Filton and circling overhead his house. Jason also came along, a pilot friend who hadn’t flown with me before. In the

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Caernarfon beach trip with the family

The family were keen to see our new share-o-plane and take a trip in it. With it being very hot and sunny weather, the beach was a top request. Caernarfon seemed like a good choice, with the airport so close to a big shoreline, good cafe and the rugged mountainous terrain to look at on the way there from Gloucester. The forecast was for few clouds at 2,000 to 3,000

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First solo in the TB20 with an RNAV approach thrown in

After completing differences training in the new TB20 share-o-plane at Gloucester, I wanted to make a short solo flight to consolidate what I’d learnt and become more comfortable in the pilot seat. With the aircraft free on Sunday afternoon, I booked a slot. Rich, one of the other part owners, happened to be at Gloucester airport and at short notice agreed to join me for the flight. I had planned

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TB20 Parked

TB20 difference training

Mandatory 5 hours differences training Having just bought into a share of a Socata Trinidad TB20, the next step was to complete 5 hours of dual instruction. This is a requirement of the insurance policy before any of the pilot owners is allowed to fly solo – even for those with >1000 hours and full Instrument Rating. But it’s also a very sensible approach – this is quite a powerful

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O Happy Day! Buying into an aircraft share

They say the two happiest days of aircraft ownership are the day you buy and the day you sell. Well today sees me embark on the next stage of my aviation adventure, buying 1/5th share of a Socata Trinidad TB20 based at Gloucestershire Airport. This TB20 was the same one I’d flown as passenger in to Filton Airport on its last day. There are perhaps four main ways forward for

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Compton Abbas departure

A windy day at Compton Abbas

After a few weeks without a flight, I was keen to find an opportunity to share a trip somewhere. Sadly, a planning day out with Andy wasn’t possible mainly due to a combination of both our work and social commitments. Instead, Dave offered me the chance to join him flying from Kemble into Pooley’s Open Day at Compton Abbas. He’d booked one of the club Warriors (G-ELUE) which looked great

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UK private aircraft avionic equipment requirements

Regulations are coming into force which require UK private aircraft to have improved radios, transponders and other equipment over the coming years. This is a summary of the key dates and capabilities for UK registered aircraft weighing less than 2 tonnes. Transponders Most (but not all) aircraft have a Mode C transponder that transmits a 4 digit squawk code and pressure altitude, allowing them to be seen and plotted by

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Circumnavigating London – Kemble-Shoreham-Headcorn-Stapleford-Cranfield-Kemble

Kemble-Shoreham-Headcorn-Stapleford-Cranfield-Kemble Today Andy and I shared flights in the club Arrow from Kemble anticlockwise around London landing at Shoreham, Lashenden-Headcorn, Stapleford, Cranfield – all of which were new to me. A highlight of the day was a transit overhead Luton. Some of the new airfields were quite challenging, with up to five aircraft in the circuit at any time – not easy when you are unfamiliar with the landmarks and

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Bright but hazy trip to Swansea

To Rain or not to Rain Rain had been forecast for much of the weekend, but this changed in the previous evening’s forecast, and so I took the opportunity for a quick solo flight in the Arrow. The best weather appeared to be to the West, and the combination of that with a free landing voucher for Swansea firmed up the destination. I had been reading a flying book by

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