Alderney, final 26

2013 Summary

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This has been another really great year for flying, and I’m very fortunate to have been able to do so much. All that early training and initial experience has paid off. Buying into a share of an aeroplane and being able to tour with the family around Germany were highlights – the sort of goal I had in mind when I first started learning. Touring Scotland with the club was also very enjoyable.

My objectives from the end of last year were:

  1. More foreign flights, perhaps with a stop-over or multi-day tour. My German tour was the highlight, but I did also manage several other foreign trips including Waterford in Ireland, Dinard/Le Touquet/Cherbourg in France and Texel in Holland.
  2. A visit to Scotland ideally including Glenforsa on the Island of Mull. The Lyneham Flying club long weekend trip to Scotland satisfied most of that goal, and just made me want to return. We made it as far north as Wick and flew overhead Glenforsa without landing.
  3. More instrument practice. Buying into the TB20 which has a good IFR avionics and being based at an airport with Instrument Approaches has made this much easier. The majority of my returns into Gloucester now include an instrument approach (practice or real) and I’ve also practiced elsewhere including several new airports. I’ve also benefitted from several flights alongside the more experienced co-owners.
  4. IMC revalidation (which is now called the IR(R)). Done with surprisingly little fuss and bother.

I’ve also:

Raw Statistics

  • Total Time: 314:40 PIC 212:15
  • This Year: 76:45 PIC 71:35 (of which 2:15 Instrument, 2:05 Night), Dual 5:10
  • 72 flights
  • 4 different aircraft
  • 1 new type (Trinidad TB20)
  • 6 foreign trips (15 flights to/in Europe, 4 in USA)
  • 32 new airfields (Total 83)

Next year’s wishlist includes:

– Gaining a full Instrument Rating. The rules are changing with a new Competency Based Instrument Rating (CB IR) likely to become European law during Q1 2014. This or other options may make this an achievable goal in the near future and something that I feel I could now make use of.

– More foreign flights, perhaps with a stop-over or multi-day tour, perhaps joining in a flyout. Potential destinations include exploring more of France.

– Another visit to Scotland. Would still quite like to get to Glenforsa on the Island of Mull in the summer.

– Taking more passengers up. This might extend from friends to volunteering for some charity flights. It’s good to share the privilege of flight with others.

Sorry, but I can’t resist including some photos from the year just past:

South Wales from the air
Great views over South Wales between Aberporth and Shobdon
Great Glen
Great Glen – Looking North East towards Inverness via Loch Ness, Loch Linnie etc with the snow capped Ben Nevis on the right
View of Salcombe from Bolt Head looking North
View of Salcombe from Bolt Head looking North (standing on the hilltop)
Shoreham Airport Arrival Board
Our inbound flight G-AZWS on the arrival screen at Shoreham Airport
Beach at Bournemouth
Final for Texel 22
Final for Texel, Holland Runway 22
German Frieschen Islands
Paparazzi Restaurant
Paparazzi Airport Restaurant, Magdeburg City
Alderney, final 26
Alderney, approaching on final for 26, looking out the right hand side window
Above the clouds
Above the clouds, sun setting to the west, somewhere over the English Channel
Sunshine over the lakes slightly North East of Dallas

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