Airprox Board Meeting as Observer

I got the chance to attend a monthly meeting of the UK Airprox board which I accepted. The board has offices and a permanent staff based at RAF Northolt in north east London. The meetings start at 9am promptly, so its either a very early start to drive there or staying overnight nearby. The meeting room was the size of a small dance hall, with about thirty seats laid out

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Visit to Distress and Diversion at NATS Swanwick

John, one of the more proactive members of Bristol Aero Club, organised a visit to D&D (Distress and Diversion not dungeons and dragons) at NATS (National Air Traffic Services) in their Swanwick centre near Southampton. These are the controllers who answer the distress frequency 121.5 which is available to all aircraft throughout the UK airspace 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The centre also handles all commercial traffic in

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Bristol Aero Club moves to Gloucester

I’ve been pretty busy over the past three months helping Bristol Aero Club move from their previous home at Kemble across to new club facilities at Gloucestershire Airport. We had been operating from the grass for some time, and the committee had previously decided that this just wasn’t sustainable long term. Despite various attempts to arrange suitable hangar space, we hadn’t been very successful and when our hangar “landlord” closed

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PA46T JetProp

Quick whizz in a PA46T JetProp

When someone asked if I’d like a short local flight in a Piper PA46T JetProp, it didn’t take long to say yes. Paul owned a share in an N-Reg and would be visiting Gloucester for a meeting, offering to take us up and find out what it was like. I was joined by a couple of other friends who happened to be in Gloucester that day (getting their own aircraft

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Servicing the aircraft

One of the advantages of hiring aircraft is that you don’t need to get involved in their ongoing maintenance. As a joint aircraft owner, you usually get more involved and choose which tasks are done in-house. The advantage is that you become more aware of what’s going on “under the bonnet”. The amount of self-maintenance that can be done by pilot owners depends on the registration type of the plane.

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O Happy Day! Buying into an aircraft share

They say the two happiest days of aircraft ownership are the day you buy and the day you sell. Well today sees me embark on the next stage of my aviation adventure, buying 1/5th share of a Socata Trinidad TB20 based at Gloucestershire Airport. This TB20 was the same one I’d flown as passenger in to Filton Airport on its last day. There are perhaps four main ways forward for

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