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Fly to France for Lunch VFR

French Coast
Approaching the French Coast

I ran a very successful full day Ground School seminar about all aspects of flying VFR cross channel on 19th March 2016 in Bristol (10am – 4pm). A subsequent repeat event ran on Sat 25 June 2016, also at BAWA Club, near Filton in Bristol. [If you are interested in a joining a future session, contact me so I can gauge interest and specify preferences for date/day/venue]

Aimed at all Private Pilots (NPPL/LAPL/PPL) from newly minted to long term veterans, this 6 hour seminar covers all the latest on paperwork, regulations (SERA, Channel Islands airspace changes), flight plans, customs, survival equipment, French ATC, R/T and local flight rules (e.g. no overhead joins). A packed and varied session including slides, videos and exercises. Plenty of opportunity for questions and discussion. By the end you will be able to plan and execute a flight to Le Touquet or Jersey for lunch.

New PPL? Don’t be daunted

Moules Frites
Moules Frites for lunch in France

Many pilots are unsure of what to expect when flying abroad if they’ve not it before. Afterwards, most say they were surprised how straightforward it was. This course will equip you with the knowledge of the few extra requirements and differences for a cross channel flight. Illustrated with plenty of photos, in-cockpit video and practice exercises, by the end of the day you’ll have a clear picture of what’s involved and what to expect.

This leaves plenty of time to consider what’s on the menu for lunch.

Experienced Pilot? Get up to date

On approach

It can be hard to keep up with the constant stream of rule changes over recent years. Why not take the opportunity to reset your knowledge and familiarise yourself with SERA (Standard European Rules of the Air), Channel Islands airspace (now Class D up to FL80), Radio terminology (Line up Behind) and rescue equipment (406MHz PLBs)?

Flight plans, customs and immigration procedures have become much stricter but we’ll show you how online and tablet based tools make this much easier.

Applicable to

  • almost all fixed wing private aircraft (Certified or LAA Permit)
  • regardless of ownership (club/solo hire, privately owned, group shared) or
  • pilot licence (NPPL, LAP, PPL – EASA/JAR/UK)

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