Yorkshire for Sunday Lunch (and an instrument approach)

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Strangely enough, I’d met Adam through this blog. He’s an IR(R) pilot based at Gloucester who rents an Arrow and similar aircraft, buddy flying with a friend. He’s also writing his own pilot adventure blog. Not much different to what I was doing a couple of years ago. We discussed sharing a flight in the TB20 and introduced me to Liz, who’s learning (not yet soloed) and I was pleased to be able to offer them both a day out.

Heading North not South

I had psyched them up for a daytrip to Lannion in France including getting passport details for the GAR but had to call that off due to their runway being closed (for painting) and bad weather elsewhere so instead head north. I chose Sherburn-in-Elmet as a lunch stop, then on to Humberside for a practice ILS approach. I felt that events were against us when I saw the NOTAM that the glideslope was out, but we agreed that we could still make use of the localiser.

Adam has written up a great report of the day, which I don’t feel I should replicate. From my point of view it was a very enjoyable day, with both my passengers really excited about the aircraft. While it doesn’t go that much faster than an Arrow (say 140 knots compared to 130), a TB20 is much more comfortable and stable.

Gloucester to Sherburn

Liz flew straight and level then a simple turn during which she held alititude well. The flight was relatively short, about an hour, and I realised I was out of practice with short and narrow runways when approaching Sherburn. The clubhouse there has been refurbished since my last visit, and we enjoyed a healthy full breakfasts all round.

Sherburn to Humberside

Adam flew us from Sherburn into Humberside, with me pushing the buttons/talking on the radio and then taking control during short final at the decision height. He’s a natural and flew a very solid and accurate approach. The radar controller was busy and overlooked about us at one point so we shot through the localiser while trying to get a word in on the radio, leading us to intercept from the left. It’s really pretty quiet airport there, with a selection of commercial operations but nothing intensive.

Localiser into Humberside

Landing fees are halved if on valid training practice, but that didn’t apply to us without an instructor onboard. You can either phone ATC in advance and leave your credit card details to be used in case you don’t land, or land and pay in the office. There was bags of parking space on the apron and the admin/cafe were pretty efficient. The departure hall was hosting a tourism exhibition that day which added a bit of life to the place.

Humberside to Gloucester

We flew back VFR with a LARS service where possible, prompting us to keep clear of parachuting and other hazards. Adam flew another spot on RNAV LNAV/VNAV approach back into Gloucester, where I was able to point out that unlike an ILS, the HSI doesn’t get more sensitive as you get closer to the runway.

Spot on manually tracking the RNAV 09 into Gloucester

Overall a very enjoyable day, sharing the joy of flying with a couple of very enthusiastic passengers. It’s great to be able to share the privilege and encourage others to do more, and I’d like to do more of that. I hope to read of Elizabeth’s first solo before too long in her own blog. Adam has offered me a flight in an Arrow which I’d be delighted to join him on… as long as he can get it the engine to start.

Sorry about the limited photos this time – Adam’s report has much more.


  1. Lovely to hear from you David. Adam and I were discussing only earlier this evening about how we need to take you somewhere in the Arrow!

    I am swotting up on air law as we speak as my flying school have been talking ‘solo’ an awful lot recently…


    1. Air law enouragement sounds like a really good sign. (Just remember it is definitely the hardest/most boring subject of the lot). Hope you get this in before winter sets in although there are often some good crisp and clear flying days at that time. Look forward to sharing another flight with you soon.

  2. Great write up David (and Adam), glad you enjoyed Sherburn. This is where I got my PPL. I am in Spain at the minute doing my MEIR and afterwards my CPL. It would be good to do an airways flight with you back in the UK if we get the opportunity. 🙂

    Interestingly when I did my PPL at Sherburn the QXC was to East Midlands and back via Humberside, Humberside was always a favourite for training flights.

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