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2015 Summary

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It’s been quite a sociable year’s flying, consolidating my learning to date, although hours were slightly down on previous years. A week’s flying holiday in New England USA was undoubtedly the highlight of the year. During an intensive week, we covered a lot of ground and visited a wide variety of airfields and airports, even flying the Skyline route along the Hudson River next Manhattan. Back in the UK, I flew our co-owned TB20 G-CORB a reasonable amount (almost 50 hours block time) which made it worthwhile, including 10 airways flights and a two week family holiday based in the Channel Islands. I’ve also flown as passenger with other pilots (so time not logged), particularly enjoying a trip to Land’s End. I’ve been getting more involved with the Bristol Aero Club (based at Kemble) and have been appointed as a “cross channel checkout” mentor for those who have not yet “got their feet wet” – I’d like to encourage more PPLs who have already made a big investment in gaining their licence to use it more, sharing trips with others to spread the cost.

My objectives from the end of last year were:

1. More foreign flights, including taking advantage of the Instrument Rating and the full potential of the TB20. I’d also like to fly again in the US which is so open to GA.

The USA objective was more than met with a week’s flying holiday there. European destinations included Schwabish Hall in Germany, Rotterdam (in quite challenging conditions), Rouen, Deauville (twice), Dinard, Jersey (twice) and Guernsey (on holiday).

2. IR revalidation. I didn’t only do the European EASA revalidation but also took my first FAA IPC (Instrument Proficiency Check). Those aren’t mandated if you remain IFR current, but it was a useful checkpoint of my knowledge of the FAA IFR system and procedures.

3. Taking more passengers up. I like the social side of flying and have taken a few different passengers this year, but perhaps I could still do more. There are a few pilots I know but I still haven’t met in person or flown with that I’d like to catch up with and friends on my passenger list so this remains a work in progress. I’ve encouraged a few to progress further, including one lapsed PPL student to restart, one PPL to plan for the IR(R) course and at least one IR(R) pilot to embark on the IR theory course.

I’ve also:

Raw Statistics

  • Total Time: 467:35 PIC 332:25
  • This Year: 71:50 (of which 3:55 night, 7:55 in IMC)
    • PIC 68:25
    • Dual 3:25 (surprisingly my IR revalidation and IPC are logged PIC not dual)
    • G-CORB 49:30
  • 66 flights (of which 10 IFR Airways flights)
  • 4 different aircraft types
  • 8 European trips (plus 2 separate trips within USA)
  • 30 new airfields (including 18 in USA) (Total 127)

Next year’s wishlist:

1: Mentoring others to fly further

I like the social side of flying and enjoy encouraging other pilots to make more use of their licences whilst also wanting to stretch my own capabilities, I’d like to do more of that. My role as a mentor and checkout pilot for cross channel flights for the Club will be one way to achieve that.

2: Another week’s intensive USA flying holiday

Currently still in the planning stage, I’m hopeful we’ll enjoy another week’s intensive VFR flying, probably in another region of the USA.

3: Expand my list of European destinations

I’d like to fly the TB20 to several new cities in Europe. It’s unlikely we’ll have a family flying holiday next year, so this will more likely be done in a group and/or with passengers.

4: Share the enjoyment of flight with others

I like to fly with passengers and introduce others to the delights of being airborne. And I’m happy being a passenger with others too.

A few photos from the year just past:

PS28 Sportcruiser
PS28 Sportcruiser
Dover Harbour
Dover Harbour clearly visible below on our left
Downtown Manhattan
Downtown Manhattan
Herm Island with the shell beach showing clearly top right
Glorious sunshine at FL100
Glorious sunshine at FL100
Solent with the Isle of Wight in background, the Solent and Beaulieu river on the mainland


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