Grass strip flying with TB20 at Tredunnock Farm

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Jim, who runs RateOneAviation flight training school flew me into his 800 metre grass strip about 20 miles west of Gloucester and let me fly out. It’s challenging, with some obstructions (trees, power lines, house), and a 4% gradient. On arrival, it was mainly about not getting too low (you will stop with that steep uphill gradient). On departure, it was more about gaining flying speed and turning right away from the power lines. The heavier and faster TB20 is great for touring, but less geared towards this type of flying (although 800 meters is more than enough for most light/smaller aircraft).

I captured this on video (about 4 minutes) including Jim’s commentary on arrival and guidance on departure.

PIC today: 0:25
Total PIC: 393:55
Total Time: 552:20


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